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I’m hosting a screening of the movie “Two Angry Moms”, a call to action on the deplorable foods being served to our children while they are “learning” at school. They’re being taught that pizza and ketchup are vegetables, chicken nuggets and corn dogs are a good source of protein, and strawberry/chocolate milk is a healthy choice. 

It’s time for a change. Please be a part of it! 

Have you even eaten in your child’s school? You should.

Two Angry Moms – Just the Facts

  • 35% of American Children are obese or at risk.
  • Centers for Disease Control: “We are facing a childhood obesity epidemic. This generation will be the first in the nation’s history to live shorter lives than those of their parents.”
  • 30% of boys born in 2000 and 40% of girls will develop diabetes.
  • There are soaring rates of asthma, ADHD, anxiety, autism, learning disorders and
    depression among children.
  • 1 in 4 children take prescription medication daily for chronic illness.
  • 2000% increase in amphetamine prescriptions for children since 1990.
  • Americans spend $200 billion per year in diet-related health care costs; twice as much per person, per year than any other developed nation.
  • 50% of all cancer could be prevented through healthy diet and exercise.
  • The average American life expectancy ranks 27th in the world.
  • The cost of fresh fruits and vegetables has risen 40% in the past twenty years.
  • The cost of soda, sweets, meat, dairy, fats and oils has decreased by as much as 20% in that same time.
  • Americans spend less than 10% of their income on food, but 17% of our GDP is spent on healthcare.
  • Europeans spend 17% of their earnings on food, but less than 10% of their GDP on healthcare.




The movie goes right to the heart and makes you realize how important this is to the future generations of our country. – Melissa Wright, Mom




Two Angry Moms Box 783, Georgetown, Ct 06829-0783 

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