Sweet and Sour Shicken and CousCous


I cooked the Israeli CousCous in my rice cooker, which is my best friend, second only to the Cutco knife. It sits on my counter, and handles everything from steel cut oats in the morning, to quinoh and jasmine rice in the evening. You can get the large ‘pearl’ couscous at Kroger, though I purchased this from the FW Food Coop. When it was done, I coated it with about a tablespoon of sesame oil to keep it from sticking.

In the skillet went the freshly chopped garlic (6-7 cloves), celery, vidalia onion and red pepper.
           one box of seitan (which is made from wheat) (FW Food Coop)
           one box of Light Life Smart Strips (Chick’n; soy product) (Kroger)
(I used one of each because I didn’t have two of either. I recommend the seitan for flavor and texture.)
           one can of organic northern beans (kroger). Optional, and they disappear into couscous, so why not?
           A dash each of sesame oil, sea salt and sugar

Stir fry until veges are transluscent. For the finishing touch, I topped with a jar of Annie Chun’s Korean Sweet & Spicy sauce, and served over the couscous.

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